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Domestic violence

 Congressional report on gun violence in US

 Help troops get mental health treatment: Your Say

 Hope Solo Enters Not Guilty Plea in Domestic Violence


 Chinese millionaire to serve a free lunch to 1,000 homeless people in New York City

A Black College Student Has The Same Chances Of Getting A Job As A White High School Dropout

 Half Of College Graduates Have To Rely On Their Parents For Money

 College education is worth the debt of admission, says New York ...


 Two common pesticides taking toll on bees, environment

 Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists

 May 2014 was Earth's warmest May on record


 Report: U.S. Failing to Inspect 4 of 10 Higher-Risk Oil & Gas Wells

After Earthquake, Company Halts Fracking Wastewater Injection In Colorado County

Minimum wage

How much the federal minimum wage would be if it had kept up with inflation over the past 40 years.
Instead, it’s $7.25.
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 Meet The Hotel Workers Going On Hunger Strike For A $15 Minimum Wage

 The Gap Already Reaping Major Benefits From Minimum Wage Hike

Massachusetts Passes The Highest State Minimum Wage In The Country

 Smart meters

 Smart meters are poor value, find 10 EU countries

 Your Outlet Knows: How Smart Meters Can Reveal Behavior