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Cumberland County Progressives' & Sustainable Sandhills

Working title: Clean Energy Summit Meeting Dec 13th 2014

Title: Sandhills Clean Energy Summit


Mission Statement creation. The group agreed on a working mission statement to establish the goals of the Clean Energy Summit.

Mission Statement: To raise awareness and engage communities about the implementation of solar and other clean energy technologies in the Sandhills.

Goals:  Working goals

- Awareness is brought to the community

•Solarize signs ups have been started and promoted

•The community is engaged in promoting clean energy in the Sandhills

Date:  Saturday, March 14th (conflicts?)  

11AM Registration - (Will we charge admission?)

11:30 Lunch( How much ?)  is Served in Main Room - Welcome Event in Main Room  Review our Goals for audience, and what to expect throughout the day

Venue: To be Determined

•Requirements include: At least two rooms. One large enough for Keynote address.

•Must be free or low cost to use

•Chairs, Tables, and wifi must be provided

•Must be Accessible

•Must have parking

•Potential Places to contact include: Mega Churches, FTCC, FSU, Public Schools that have solar installations, and conference centers.


--Keynote speaker with Lunch

-6 Panels, 2 running concurrently at a time 1 hour each

- Reception

Proposed Timeline

11AM Registration

11:30 Lunch, Welcome Committee, and Keynote

12:30 - 1:30 First Session

1:45-2:45 Second Session

3-4 Third Session

4PM Call to Action and Reception

15 minute break for snacks, discussion, and door prize raffles?

Closed to Public at 5:30PM

All Day  

-Tabling Exhibitions by Sponsors, Trades, Kids Clean Event -  K-12 Exhibition on Clean energy...will work with Green schools for participants and Kids area.  

Number in this event will be determined by Space and number of Sponsors.



•Local Utilities- Stakeholders from local utilities discussing clean energy portfolios and energy efficiency and smart grid technology

•Fort Bragg Panel - What is the military doing on Fort Bragg with clean energy?

•Generators and Architects -  Panel of Solar Generators and Designers for home and commercial use

•Education Panel -  Local Professors and Educators discussing and promoting green technology programs -  Methodist, FSU, FTCC, Campbell, Pembroke, Sandhills Community College

•Solarize Panel -  NC Warn, Sustainable Sandhills, Yes! Solar

•Clean Hacks - Individuals who have made and designed their own clean energy sources from everyday items.

-  Call to Action Reception - We need something people can do - Sign up for Solarize?  Write Representatives on Solar Credits? 

Food and Drink sponsored by Local vendor.  Buffet?

Action Items  12.5 weeks Left! 

•Marketing Strategy to “Engage” Communities

◦Louis and Denise will work on this.

Contact list of all major Media, Institutional Communication Departments


Food, Beverag

Door Prizes

Total Event

Venue Selection


Cumberland County Progressives

Educational Listening Tour- After Action Meeting

May 15, 2014

7:30 pm

Cumberland County Progressives Educational Listening Tour

What went well?


             event took place

             structure of the forum ( Q and A, set up, selection, facilitator)



             turn out of attendees with given advertisement/marketing

             effective moderator

             panelists was diverse

             location (Western part)

             audience question time

             organized event


What can be improved?

             Increased time for the event

             Advertising/Marketing- Radio, Social Media, Media Outlets

             Advertising/Marketing- to CCPs membership

             Increased committee participation

             State the outcomes of the forum/what was the mission of the event

             State what CCP’s mission/outcome

             Questions need to be more focused on the mission/outcomes of the event

             Clear next steps for the Listening tour at the end of the event

             Survey for attendees


Next Steps


             CCP-Educational Listening Tour #2- Tuesday, August 5

             Event Time- 6:30-8:00 pm

             Romain- Secure Location- Room Library by May 29

             L- Sponsors will need to confirm by Friday, July 25

             Sylvia- Event Sponsorship form due by May 29


Next Committee Meeting


             Thursday- May, 29 at 7:30 pm via conference call


The Cumberland County Progressives (CCP)

Met at Spinner’s Pizza on June 15, 2013, at 2 PM 

Present was Roderick Lewis

The meeting was called to order. 

An article called “What is a Progressive” and a poem were read.  The group sang happy birthday in honor of CCP’s 8th birthday.  The list of the founding members was read.

There was a discussion concerning the cancellation of programs on WIDU.  CCP’s last TV show has been taped.

The group is in need of in-kind donations.

Old business:

Movie series, Race to Nowhere - 3 ways to pay for the movie, talked to woman who has rights to the movie, 1 - own for $295, 2- they will sell tickets - will split the money as a fundraiser.  Suggestions were to call Rick Glazier to see if he can get a copy for us or we could join with the Friends to co-host.  We could not charge if Friends join.  

Fundraising – There is $XX.xx in the general account.  Funds from the Pay Pal account will be transferred.

There was a conversation on whether or not progressives should respond to/correct local talk shows and print media.

A letter composed by Lewis, with help from Pam Chip Smith, was sent to Commissioner Evans on the cost of living in Fayetteville.  He also discussed the issue with Commissioner Evans.  The letter was forwarded on to other members of Commission.  He was told that the plan would cost too much to implement.  At the next meeting, we will discuss an action plan for addressing the issue.

The group discussed the Cheerios ad and the way people responded to it.

A list of the most pressing issues facing Fayetteville:

Turn community channel back over to people

Sidewalks, developers don't want to have to put in sidewalks



Cumberland County Progressives – Feb. 18, 2012

The Cumberland County Progressives met
Saturday, February 18, 2012, at Spinners Pizza.


The next KFC rally to protest inhumane treatment of chickens will be held March 25, 2012 in front of the KFC on Raeford Road.

The Gay-Straight Alliance will host a silent protest against Amendment One on March 10, 2012 from 12 noon to 1:00 pm at the Market House. For details about the protest or Amendment One see someone in the Alliance.

The next CCP-TV Show will be on TW Cable March 21 at 7:00 pm.

Treasurer’s Report:
Beginning Balance: $XX.XX. Expenses: $XX.XX for Web Services and $XX.XX for UPS.
Ending Balance: $XX.XX.

Guest Speaker:
Bob Cooper spoke to the group about "Americans Elect", the first direct Presidential nomination process. Americans Elect is not a traditional third party, but an alternate way to nominate a President, through a secure, on-line convention. Bob explained that any registered voter can become a delegate and take part in the on-line convention, yet still vote in his or her own party’s primary. Americans Elect is a nonpartisan process that is not affiliated with any candidate or issue. The mission is simply to host a nominating process independent of the major parties. Over half of the signatures needed to put the Americans Elect ticket on the ballot nationwide have already been collected. Bob gave a thorough explanation of the process as well as the need for it. People were encouraged to go to the website www.Americans.elect.org for more information or contact Bob Cooper.

Round Table Discussion: Progressives were reminded that when voting a straight-party ticket, state law requires that one must make the selection for President separately. Be careful when voting and remind others as well. In discussion of the "Driving while Black" problem, it was noted that problems with a computer record-keeping system have contributed to discrepancies in data on police traffic stops reported to the state. CCP will continue to follow this situation as it develops.

Old Business:
Movie Series: Members were asked for feedback on the group outing to see the movie "Red Tails". A number of people and attended and comments were very favorable.

TLC Carwash Fundraiser:
A total of 70 ten-dollar cards have been given to members for sale. The goal is to raise $250 to $500. The sale ends on Feb. 29. Everyone was encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible. A $10.00 ticket may be used for 2 brief carwashes of $5.00 each or can be applied to a $15 or higher more complete wash.

"Side-Kick" website fundraiser:
Stacey Milbern, CCP member who lives in CA, has suggested using this independent website as a fundraiser. People go to the site and make donations to a favorite cause. CCP would have to make a video and create a proposal. Our planned concert would qualify to be placed on the site.

Concert/Slam Poetry Mini Concert:
Plans were presented for a "Steps to Peace" Mini Concert: Singer Autumn Nicholas is available for $75 to $100 an hour. Micah Royal has agreed to be our first poet. Nancy is working to line up others. Tentative plans would also include slam poetry. The two-hour concert would be broken into four sets of 30 minutes of music alternating with 30 minutes of poetry. The concert could be held at the Melchior-Quick Meeting House. The estimated cost of the project is $12,000.

Lewis stated that for several reasons we need a complete list of CCP members. One need is to set up a "calling tree" to provide transportation to meetings and events for those needing it.New Business:

"Ben the Bear" Action:
There was a proposal to visit Jambbas Ranch on Tabor Church Road to view the condition of Ben the Bear and other animals being held there. The admission charge is $6.00 for adults. Lewis moved that CCP visit the ranch as a group on Sat., April 21 and hold our regular meeting after the visit. Pam Wade seconded and the motion carried. It was decided to meet in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel on Cedar Creek Rd. at noon for the visit and then adjourn to a nearby restaurant after the visit for the regular meeting. People were encouraged to bring cameras and writing material in order to record the conditions.
Follow-Up on Homeless Situation:
Curtis distributed a police report as follow-up to our concern for the people left homeless following a recent fire and subsequent evacuation of residents. The situation was discussed at our Jan. meeting.

CCP-TV Media

Feb. 20: Nikki McDougald on the Death Penalty

March 12: Charmaine F. Cooper

April 10: Rick Glazier and Storm Silvermane

May 8: Dr. Paul Nijhawan and NC Justice Center.

Adjournment and Next Meeting:

Meeting adjourned at 3:25 pm.
Next meeting will be held March 17 at 2:00 pm at Spinners Pizza.

Minutes Submitted by Ann Ashford

Cumberland County Progressives – Jan. 21, 2012

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, January 21, 2012, at 2:00 pm at Spinner’s Pizza.

Round Table Introductions:
Following a welcome by Chair , members and attenders introduced themselves.


Members were reminded to pay their annual dues of $10.00.

Donations are tax-deductible now that we have our 501c3 status.

CCP Newsletter articles should be submitted to Chair as soon as possible. Suggestions about the website should also be submitted the Chair.

The City Council will meet Monday, Jan. 23. Topics of interest to the CCP are on the agenda.

A rally protesting the inhumane treatment of animals will be held in front of the KFC on Raeford Rd., Jan. 22 from 1:00-2:00 pm. Contact: Jim 910-672-0225.

CCPTV show will be aired Tues., Jan. 24 at 7:30 pm on Channel 7. Guest: Alison Kizer of Planned Parenthood. http://vimeo.com/37147260

The State of the Union address will be televised on Jan. 24 at 9:00 pm.

Round Table Discussion:
Several topics of interest were brought to the attention of members, including the following:

The need for a more easily-read City Council agenda

For example, "Item 7.1 Consideration of Vehicular Consent Searches" is an item of interest to Progressives, but it was not easy to spot on the lengthy agenda. The NC Police Benevolent Association is evidently opposed to the proposed moratorium on consent searches. Those of us who oppose searches were urged to attend the City Council meeting. Another City Council agenda item important to Progressives but not easily found on the agenda due to the use of unfamiliar city codes concerns the proposed rezoning of the Quick family home from SF-10 Single Family District to Neighborhood Commercial. This former residence is the meeting place of the Unitarian Universalist Meeting as well as being used by other progressive organizations. The City of Fayetteville staff has recommended denial of the request to rezone the Quick home.

The need for a contingency plan to provide temporary emergency shelter for the homeless:
The need for an emergency plan for the homeless was recently made apparent when, as a result of violence in the Austin Creek Apartments complex, residents were evacuated from the building. CCP decided to take the following action: Contact a member of Fayetteville Emergency Management Team and request that a contingency plan for temporary shelter be in place for such emergencies.

Adjustment problems of returning Iraq War veterans and the resulting violence:

Concern was expressed over the increase of violence with the return of Iraq War veterans. Recent cases of both homicide and suicide were cited. There is apparently the need for more Mental Health support for psychologically impaired veterans. Discussion followed as to how CCP could help. Awareness of the problem is a good first step. Matthew said he will bring our concerns to the attention of the local VA Mental Health Council, of which he is a member.


CCP decided to go forward with the TLC Carwash fundraiser. It was decided that we would ask for 100 tickets to sell at $10.00 each. Proceeds will be split 50/50 with TLC Carwash. Unsold tickets can be returned, although the hope is that all will be sold. Minutes from last month indicate that we have 31 days to sell the tickets which will be honored for one year.

Movie Series:

It was decided that CCP would attend the film "Red Tail" as a group on Saturday, February 4, at 3:55 pm at Carmike 12 Theater in Westwood. The critically acclaimed film is about a crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program during World War II. The men faced racial segregation that kept them grounded for most of the war.
Decision on

Van Purchase:

There was discussion as to whether to buy a wheelchair-ready van that is on sale for $1000 or to pass on the opportunity. The van would need some repairs. It would be very useful in transporting voters to the polls, among other things. Ann moved that in light of our limited finances we decide not to make the purchase. Curtis Stobie seconded and the motion carried.

HKonJ Feb.11:
Roberta reminded us that HKonJ will be held on Saturday, Feb. 11 in Raleigh. The annual rally and march for peace and social justice issues will begin at Shaw University at 9:30 am and then progress toward the State Legislature Building on Jones St. Matthew Davis said the NAACP has a bus reserved that will leave about 7:30 am. Those interested in riding the bus should call 910-484-6166 and leave a message.

Concert Series:

Plans are still underway for the "Steps to Peace Concert", both the mini-concert and the main concert.


The list of television shows for the coming year was announced.
The next show will be Feb. 17 with Nikki McDougald speaking about the death penalty. See the CCP website for the complete list of shows.

Adjournment and Next Meeting:

The meeting adjourned about 3:20 pm.

The next meeting will be held February 18 at 2:00 pm at Spinner’s Pizza Restaurant on Raeford Road.


The Cumberland County Progressives held their monthly meeting on December 17, 2011, at Spinner’s Restaurant on Raeford Rd. The meeting was called to order by Chair , at 2:02 p.m. Chair, welcomed everyone and each person introduced him or herself and answered the question, “How would you describe the Cumberland County Progressives organization?”

The group discussed various fundraising ideas.

Grants. Chair asked that if anyone knew of any available grants that we could apply for to please let him know.

TLC car wash. If we are going to have the car wash, we need $40 – 50 to secure the cards. Suggested we each give $10 to provide the seed money for the cards. We can only participate in this program once a year. If we sell 100 cards we would have a profit of $500. We would have 31 days to sell the tickets and they are good for one year. Jim suggested that we start the fundraiser on February 2 and pick up the cards at the Melchoir-Quick Meeting House. Members may also pick up the cards at Quaker House.

Chair, asked that we contact the City Council members to ask them to approve the use of the Melchoir-Quick Meeting House. The County Commissioners have already given their approval.

Other suggestions: Honey-baked ham fundraiser – we would get 80% of the profits and would need to front 20%.

Dance – Tony has donated the use of the Kiwanis Club. Need to see if we can sell tickets in that area. Judy and Chair will work with Nancy Shakir to investigate the idea. Theodore will also be asked to help.

Book sales – Jim has donated several books which will be for sale on the website.

Membership dues are due in January. Pam asked Chair to provide the list of current members. It was suggested that we have membership forms available at the MLK breakfast in January and at other events.

After Action Report – The movie, “Superman” was viewed on December 3. Comments were positive. Chair stated that we need to provide our own equipment and a table for future movie events. One negative was that Ann fell while there. Suggestions were made for ways to prevent future accidents.

The workers’ rights workshop held on December 6 was very educational. Ajamu was the moderator. The attendance was not good and it was suggested that maybe we should have future workshops on a Saturday.

Nancy has distributed flyers supporting a boycott of Art Pope owned businesses at various organizations and events.

Chair asked for suggestions for content on the organization’s website, Facebook, and other social media.

Chair is planning to publish a newsletter once a month and will need articles on progressive issues. He would prefer original content.

It was suggested that the group visit Jamba Ranch and also contact the superintendent of schools to ask him not to allow class visits to the ranch. Commissioner Charles Evans will be the guest on the TV show. The issue will be addressed with him. It was suggested that urging a boycott of the ranch be one of our projects for next year. We also need to educate school groups to make them award of the abuse of animals.

Peacebrother Jimichael offered to donate bumper stickers which say “People before Profit” to the group as a fundraiser.

We are still making plans for the Step to Peace Mini and Main Peace Concerts.

We need $1000 for the van. It will be used to transport voters to the polls, to get voters get their ID if needed, and for handicapped persons. Chair will check to see if the driver of the van will need a CDL license.

We need to purchase our logo in order to have our t-shirts made by JEB Designs. The logo needs to be reformatted in order to be place on the shirts.

We need to increase community outreach by writing op-eds for the newspaper, respond to Blogs, attend more rallies, and speak at City Council meetings on issues.

The next meeting will be January 21, 2012.

The meeting was adjourned.

Cumberland County Progressives – August 20, 2011

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, August 20, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.


Announcements: Organize for America will meet Saturday, August 27 from 11:00 to 2:00 in the Bordeaux Library.

-John Autry, friend of Cumberland County Progressives, is running for the Charlotte City Council District 5.

-Nancy Shakir will be hosting the "Wake-Up" show on WIDU on Mondays from 9:00 to 10:00 am.

-Cumberland County. Legislative Town Hall will meet Tuesday, August 30 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm in the Pate Room of the Main Library.

-UNC-Pembroke will host an Anti-Bullying Symposium at UNC-P on Wed., Aug. 31 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Progressives in the News: Curtis Stobie was in the news recently for making a counter-protest to the protests against killing wild dogs. Curtis had an encounter with the dogs and believes they are a danger to the community.

Old Business: Jim Stolz has submitted an op-ed piece to the local paper on "Tax the Top". Thanks were expressed to Jim for this effort.

After-Action Report: Several members of the Progressives attended the HKonJ Fayetteville People’s Assembly last Sat. at the Courthouse. The event received positive feedback, especially for talks given by Nancy Shakir from the Progressives and Chuck Fager from Quaker House. Thanks were extended to the NAACP for sponsoring the event. Matthew Davis from the NAACP said a follow-up forum is being planned.

Movie Series: Cumberland County Progressives is making plans to show "Waiting for Superman" as its next film series offering. Date and time will be announced as soon as possible.

Guest Speakers:Members discussed the issue of inviting guest speakers. It was questioned whether a speaker should be included in the regular business meeting or invited to speak at a separate time. Discussion brought out the problem of time involved in having both on the same day, the advantage of attracting new members to Cumberland County Progressives meetings when speakers are there, and the difficulty of attending an additional meeting to hear a speaker. Jacqui moved that speakers continue to be invited to the regular business meeting but limited to a presentation of 20 to 30 minutes with a Q and A limit of 10 minutes. Pam seconded the motion and it carried.

Cumberland County Progressives TV:Feedback on the last show with guest Thomas Clark was positive. The show can now be viewed on-line. Lewis said he receives comments that indicate the show is beginning to reach a broader audience now. August and September Show will feature guests Michael Gibson, Parks and Recreation Director, and Marshall Faircloth, County Commissioner. The September and October Show will have as guest Charmaine Fuller Cooper from the NC Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation.

Steps to Peace Concert:The concert has been postponed due to delays in getting our 501c3 status. A new date will be announced soon. Autumn Nicholas, singer and song writer, has offered to appear along with other performers previously announced. Lewis will prepare a budget for the event.

Office Space:Cumberland County Progressives needs office space, equipment, and supplies. It was estimated that office rental would run about $1500 a month. Discussion indicated that Thomas Clark would be able to build a computer pc for us, desk and files could be assembled at fairly low cost, laptops would have to be purchased, and a van with wheelchair lift is available for purchase for $1,000.

Fundraising:Cumberland County Progressives needs to explore ways to raise funds to pay for the concert as well as rent office space and purchase equipment. Some fundraising suggestions that were discussed: Cold Calls: Lewis raised $155.00 this month by making cold calls. Book Sales: Members could donate books to be sold on-line in a manner similar to e-bay. Lewis volunteered to handle this if people will send him title, author, and suggested sale price for books they can donate. Several members agreed to do this. Lewis said he would also sell on-line any memorabilia that members would like to donate. Yard Sale: Jacqui said she would look into the possibility of our renting a table at a larger yard sale. She will also get information about "Kick Start". Car Wash: TLC has an offer whereby we can sell tickets for a car wash there for around $10.00 each and keep about 50% of the proceeds. We would have 30 days in which to sell as many tickets as we could, and buyers will have an unlimited time to use them. This proposal was favorably received. Lewis will get specific details. Operational Grants: Stacey Milbern has looked for grant availability for office set-up but has not yet found anything. The Cumberland Community Foundation was mentioned as a possibility.

New Logo: JEB Designs has given a bid for putting our logo on tee shirts, sweatshirts, cups and pens. They suggested that the current logo be altered slightly by removing the square box around the globe and the wording. The set-up fee for printing the shirts would be $55.00 to $70.00. Tee shirts would cost $6.75 to $8.75, depending on the size. Sweatshirts would run about $16.00. Lewis will check M J Soffe for their prices, and Jacqui and Pam will get pricing from other sources before we make a decision.

Membership:Pam Wade has agreed to serve as membership chair. Lewis and Ann will provide her with the lists they have so far. Lewis and Pam will work on new membership forms.

501c3: Although our 501c3 application was sent to the IRS on the correct form, the money was sent on the wrong form, resulting in a delay of the review of our application until October. Lewis sent $100.00 to the IRS. Adam Beyah will be paid $100.00 for his consulting services by Tuesday, August 23.

New Business:
Fayetteville Police Response time: Concern was expressed about the slow response time of the police to attacks on the homeless and others. A first-hand report was heard of a recent attack on a homeless man by a gang of young men. The police response time to the 911 call was 20 to 25 minutes. There were also reports of flash mobs blocking traffic in order to rob drivers. The Fayetteville Police Department will hold a four day reaccreditation Assessment August 27 through August 30. As part of the assessment, members of the community can offer comments by calling 910-391-0947 on Sunday, August 28 between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. There will also be a Public Information Session on Monday, August 29 at 6:00 pm in the Assembly Room of the Police Depart. on Hay St. The public can make comments at that time as well.

Treasurer’s Report:It was reported that a cash balance of $xxx.xx remains after financial obligations have been met.

Next Meeting:The next meeting will be held Saturday, September 17 at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.

October Meeting:The October meeting will be held October 15 at 2:00 pm at Hunan Garden on Raeford Road for lunch and business.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Cumberland County Progressives – June 18, 2011

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, June 18, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.

Guest Speaker:  Thomas Clark, guest speaker, shared many of the gardening tips he writes about in his recent book, Southward Skies: A Northern Guide to Southern Gardening.  Thomas, working from the premise that anyone can garden anywhere, spent about ten years field testing and adjusting his gardening  theories. All of the methods he describes in his book are documented and are appropriate for either the novice or the experienced gardener.  Written in journal style, the 120 page book is organized by the seasons of the year.  It contains an index, photos and a soil table.  In answering questions from the audience ranging from how to kill fire ants to what to do about kudzu, Thomas showed the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the subject. The group found Thomas’s presentation both informative and enjoyable. His book will soon be available from Amazon or can be purchased from him now.  Thomas Clark is the proprietor of Bordeaux Light Landscaping in Fayetteville.  He is working toward a degree in Horticultural Technology and has 13 years of field experience in horticulture.  Mr. Clark is a member of the Cumberland County Progressives.

After-Action Reports:

KFC Rally on June 5:  Jim Stolz, rally organizer, reported that the local PETA protest of KFC’s treatment of chickens went well. 

“Tax the Top” Effort:  Roderick, Jim and others will continue working to make this action happen.  They are working on an OpEd piece for the newspaper, protesting the government’s unfair taxation policies.


May/June Show:   The May/June show, featuring guests Jennifer Fry , Director of Democracy NC, and Adam Beyah, Democracy NC board member, went very well. Their discussion included a “push-back” on the Voter ID Bill. The show can be viewed on Facebook.
June/July Show:   Jim Stolz graciously filled in at the last minute to appear with guest Rikki Harrison in a discussion of the plight of Ben the Bear at Jambbas Ranch.
July/August Show:  Cumberland County Commissioners Ed Melvin and Charles Evans are scheduled as guests.  Thomas Clark will also appear.
August/September Show:  Guests LaFonda General of the NC Justice Center and Dr. Melissa Barlow, Director of the FSU Justice Program, will be guests discussing the topic “Ban the Box”.  The “box” is the one a person must check on a job application if s/he has ever served time or been arrested.

Note:  Plans are underway for a related program organized by the People’s  Assembly .  It will address the “14 peace and justice points” stressed at HkonJ rallies , including “ban the box”.  The rally is tentatively set for July.  There will be an open meeting of the planning coalition on Thursday, July 23 at 4:00 pm at the NAACP Building at 707 Murchison Road. 

Appreciation:  The group expressed appreciation to CCP Chair Roderick Lewis for all he has done to create an excellent format for the CCP television shows.

Open Discussion: 

The following points were made during the open discussion:
1. Cumberland County Progressives are gaining recognition from other coalitions.  To handle the increased volume of telephone calls, Lewis has added a new phone number, 910-960-7048, which connects to g-mail, so that messages left will go to the computer.
2. Some individuals and groups who have seen our TV shows would like to use our air time and resources for their own programs.  While this is a flattering request, CCP cannot afford to share these assets.
3. There was a brief discussion of the recent apparently successful move by Gates Four residents to avoid annexation by the city. CCP members expressed the opinion that this was an unfair way to avoid paying city taxes when other annexed areas have had to comply.
4 It was noted that Russell Herman, from Organize in NC, has given Lewis some suggestions for improving our website.

Old Business:

Adam K. Beyah, Accounting and Tax Service, will be paid $xx.xx by CCP in July for 501c3 consultation.

Next Meeting: 

The next meeting of the Cumberland County Progressives will be held Saturday, July 16, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Cumberland County Progressives – May 21, 2011

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.

Guest Speaker:

Kady-Ann Davy, Fayetteville City Councilwoman for District 2, was the guest speaker.  Ms. Davy, who was born in Jamaica and raised in Portland Oregon, came to Fayetteville in 2005.  Although involved in all areas of city government, she is especially interested in seniors and youth, citing the need for more recreational opportunities.  In order to be more available to the public, Ms. Davy holds office hours at City Hall the first Thursday of each month from 12:30 to 1:30.  She will be part of contingency going to Kansas City in June to lobby for Fayetteville becoming an”All-American City”.  After  explaining a number of the services the city provides, she suggested that one could learn more about city services by becoming active in a community watch program.  Ms Davy was questioned about problems Fayetteville has, like racial profiling and transportation.  She said she would like to see partnerships of other organizations with the city to provide better transportation.  She recommended that people attend the city transit meetings, which are open to the public.  Other questions were raised about heavy traffic on Franklin St. in the event of a parking deck there, about the impact of a transportation center on businesses it might displace, and about water-sewer costs to Phase V annexation residents.  After responding to these issues, Ms. Davy recommended that citizens attend City Council meetings to express their concerns to the full body.  The second Mondays of the month are public forums, but one should call in advance to get on the agenda.  The group expressed appreciation to Ms. Davy for a very informative talk.

New Business:

“Tax the Top” letter:  Jim Stolz read the opinion piece he wrote for the paper on the need to tax the wealthiest people in the country in a fairer way.  When Jim’s letter is published, this group is asked to respond with supportive letters to the editor. 

Old Business:

Review of Fund-raising letters:   The drafts of two  fund appeals letters were read and approved.  One would be sent to new prospects, the other to people who have contributed before.  It was decided to wait and send the letters after we hear from the 501c3 application.
After-Action Reports:   Lewis reported that the sandwich board sign he wore during the Dogwood Festival  to promote the Progressives attracted a good deal of positive attention.  The showing of “The Yes Men Change the World” received a favorable response.  Because of the low attendance, plans will be made to show it again.

Pay-Pal Account:  Lewis reported that after correcting a money transfer problem, the Pay Pal Account is operating smoothly again.

A check in the amount of $ xxx.xx will be issued to Adam Beyah to compensate for his help in making application for the 501c3.


 The next KFC Rally will be held June 5 at 1:00 at the KFC on Raeford Rd.
· FSU will host a budget cuts forum on May 26 at 6:00 pm in Seabrook Auditorium
· Tune in to WIDU on May 23 at noon for the Raleigh report with Carin Savil.  The upcoming Senate budget will be discussed.  The budget will also be discussed on “Wake-up Thursdays”  from  8 to 9 am with Jeff and Nancy.
· CCPtv guests for June, July, and August will be Chuck Fager of Quaker House for June-July and Ed  Melvin  and Charles Evans for July-August.
Adjournment and Next Meeting:
The meeting was adjourned at about 4:00 pm.  The next meeting will be held Saturday, June 18, at 2:00 pm  at the Bordeaux Library.

                  Cumberland County Progressives – April 16. 2011

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, April 16, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.


*The next PETA Rally will be held Sunday, June 5, 2011, at 1:00 pm in front of KFC at 3002 Raeford Road to protest inhumane treatment of chickens.

*Police Training Sessions on stopping black drivers (DWB) will be held April 19 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Heal the Land Ministries Church, 414 Hall St. and April 20 from 6:00 to 10:00 pm in the Lyons Science Annex at FSU.

* Tony McKinnon announced that there will be a Worker’s Memorial on April 28 sometime between noon and 1:30 in front of the Courthouse. Nancy suggested that Tony forward specifics of the event to CCP Chair Lewis.

Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer’s Report was distributed with the Agenda. The ending balance on March 31 was $xxx.xx.

Progressives in the News:
The following members of CCP were recognized for being in the news recently: Nancy Shakir, for the "We Are One" rally; Ann Ashford, for her work with CONTACT crisis line, Jim Stolz, for protesting the use of crossbows to destroy stray dogs; and Pam Wade for being elected Secretary of the Cumberland County Democrats.

After Action Reports:

*The Rally on the 8th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq was reported to be successful in spite of bad weather and low traffic flow.

*Nancy Shakir said that the "We Are One" rally to support workers and register voters went well though the turnout was rather small.

*Shakir reported that the "Stop Photo ID’s" rally in Raleigh on April 13 was very well attended. Legislators from Cumberland County were visited.

* Lewis reported that the Media Seminar sponsored by the Communications Dept. at FSU was excellent. A lot of useful information was available.

New Business:

Proposed Action at Upcoming Events:
Lewis raised the question as to whether CCP should organize an educational action at upcoming events such as The Dogwood Festival and Fourth Friday to raise awareness of issues such as radioactive waste dangers and International Workers’ Day. He suggested members could circulate wearing sandwich boards bringing attention to issues such as these. The question was raised as to whether we could have a voter registration table downtown during these events. Tony said we would need a proprietor’s permission to have a table in front of his/her business. Nancy offered to contact Hank Parfitt and Sylvia Ray for their permission to set up in front of their sites, hopefully for both Sat. and Sun. of Dogwood Festival. Nancy suggested that we form a coalition with organizations such as the NAACP, HOPE, and the Central Labor Coalition to support this action. Ann moved that CCP begin action to have a table for education and voter registration during the Dogwood Festival and to enlist support from the "We Are One" collation. Nancy seconded and the motion carried. Lewis will investigate the legality of parading downtown with signs. Jacqui will check with the Arts Council. (Note: After the meeting, Lewis learned that political attire is allowed but literature cannot be distributed at the Dogwood Festival.)

Fund-Raising Dance:
Nancy suggested that CCP hold a dance as a fund-raising event. Discussion included the following suggestions: have a DJ play swing and oldies, have informal dress, provide refreshments, and door prizes and perhaps have bingo in a separate area. Tony offered to donate a room at the Kiwanis Center. Lewis and Jacqui volunteered to work with Nancy on this idea.

Old Business:

Bicycle Safety Awareness Campaign:
Curtis will attend the next meeting of the Community Wellness and Public Safety Committee with Jacqui to present the issue.

Fund-Raising Commercial:
Lewis showed the video he created as the "soft-sell" portion of a fund-raising appeal. It can be put on the Progressives TV show and Web-site as well as Link TV. He will set up accounts on U-Tube and Facebook for this purpose. Members thought the video was excellent and approved moving forward with the commercial. Pam and Lewis will work on the "hard-sell" text to accompany the video.

WIDU Morning Show:

Nancy Shakir co-hosts WIDU’s Wake-Up Show on Thursday mornings with Jeff Thompson. She also has a WIDU radio commentary every other Friday. The next commentary will be aired April 22. Nancy discusses progressive ideas and causes on these shows.


Our check to the government has been received. Adam Beyah will be paid $xxx.xx for his help with our 501c3 application.

Pay Pal:

Lewis faxed our 501c3 information and bank ID to re-activate our Pay Pal account. This will make available the $xx.xx we currently have in the account.


There was positive feedback on the April/May show with guests Chip Smith and Ajamu Dillahunt. Part 2 of the show will air April 19 at 7:00 pm on Channel 7. See the March Minutes for the complete lineup of future shows. As an addition to the June/July show, Michael Gibson, Director of the Park and Recreation Committee, will be invited as guest.

Movie Series:

As part of the Progressives movie series, "The Yes Men Fix the World" will be shown Saturday, April 30, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library. The film is "a wickedly fun skewering of corporate greed." Attendees are invited to bring refreshments.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

Next Meeting:
May 21, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.




Cumberland County Progressives Minutes – March 19, 2011

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, March 19, at 2:15 p.m. at the Bordeaux Library.

Lewis announced that there will be a vigil on Saturday, March 26, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Market House to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

New Business:

Fund Appeal:

Lewis showed a video of Stacey Milbern’s (http://vimeo.com/19499529 http://vimeo.com/19869930) successful on-line appeal for a handicapped ramp. This is an example of a low-cost type of fund appeal that CCP may want to follow. Stacey was treasurer of CCP and video tech for our TV show before moving to CA.

Bicycle Awareness Campaign

Curtis is working with police officer Amber House to bring public awareness to the need for improved safety for bicycle riders. The law states that bicycles have the same road rights as automobiles. So do wheelchairs. When Curtis gets more information, CCP may take some action such as writing an op-ed piece and/or having the topic discussed on our radio show. Jacqui suggested that Curtis attend the next meeting of the Community Wellness and Public Safety Committee of which she is a member. More information about bicycle safety is available on Nixle.com. (https://local.nixle.com/fayetteville-nc-police-department/)

CCP Correspondence:

Drafts of letters of invitation to guest speakers and acknowledgment of donations were circulated for comments. The letters were approved after some minor editing. Thanks to Lewis for drafting the letters.

Mission Statement:

A suggestion has been made that CCP needs to refine its mission statement to better focus on core beliefs. Discussion followed on ways to make a more focused statement of our mission. Lewis, Pam, and Ann agreed to work on this further and bring a draft back to the group.

Film Series:

Jim Stolz showed a short video about the recent Supreme Court decision to treat corporations the same as people when it comes to making political contributions. The film can be viewed at www.democracyisforpeople.org. Be sure to click on the links at the end that tell ways to take action on this issue.

Ann will see if she can rent a copy of "The Yes Men Fix the World" to show as part of our film series.

"Waiting for Superman" and "Inside Job", two films we considered showing, are available at Red Box dvd kiosks for $1.00, according to Lewis

It was announced that Sustainable Sandhills and the Cameo Theater are showing films that may be of interest to CCP. The films are shown on the first and third Saturdays of each month at 11:00 am. The same film is shown both times. The film for April will be "Carbon Nation". (http://www.carbonnationmovie.com/)

Big Bang Annexation:

Lewis reviewed the financial impact of annexation on city taxpayers and PWC customers for the information of the CCP group.

WIDU "Wake Up" Show:

The show airs from 8:00 to 9:00 am on Thursdays. CCP may want to suggest that co-host Nancy Shakir bring up some of our progressive concerns for discussion.


The tentative lineup for future shows is as follows:

March and April: Guests Chip Smith and Ajamu Dillahunt, part of 2

April and May: Guests Smith and Dillahunt, part 2 of 2

May and June: Guests Michael Gibson of Parks and Rec Commission and a representative from Democracy NC staff

June and July: Guest Chuck Fager of Quaker House (www.quakerhouse.org/ )

July and August: Ed Melvin and Charles Evans, County Commissioners


We have confirmation that our application for 501c3 status has been received by the government.

Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report was distributed. The beginning balance was $xxx.xx. After paying miscellaneous operating costs and $300.00 for the 501c3 application, the ending balance is $xxx.xx.


The meeting adjourned abut 3:40 p.m.

Next Meeting:

The next CCP meeting will be April 16 at 2:00 p.m. at the Bordeaux Library.

Ann Ashford, Secretary

Cumberland County Progressives – February 22, 2011

The Cumberland County Progressives meeting

Saturday, February 22, 2011

2:15 pm

Headquarters Library

Members attended meeting physically and via skype.

Introductions: Round table introductions followed a mention of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Announcements: Nancy Shakir co-hosts WIDU’s “Wake Up” show on Thursdays from 8:00 – 9:00 am. Progressives were encouraged to call in to the show at 910-483-6111.

Old Business:

KFC Rally: Jim Stolz reported that the last PETA rally in front of KFC on Raeford Road received more positive response than usual.

Movie Series: Comments on the Fayetteville Film Festival presentation “Corporations vs. the People” were favorable. One person mentioned that the schedule varied somewhat from the announced schedule. For future films, Ann recommended “The Yes Men Change the World”. Jim will check on a film about a recent Supreme Court decision.

CCPtv: The February show featured David Douglas, local small business owner. Mr. Douglas reported that he was pleasantly surprised at how many people said they had seen the show.

The March show will feature guest Dick Paddock of the Triangle Green Party speaking on Ballot Access. The show is scheduled to air Feb. 22 at 7:30 pm on TWC channel 7.

The April show will feature guests Chip Smith, Melissa Barlow, and Ajamu Dillahunt discussing “Obama – Year 3”.

Chairman Lewis mentioned the need to develop uniform “thank you” and invitation letters for guests. He asked for a volunteer to consider doing this.

CCP Web Radio: The next topic will center on City Council condemning downtown property for the proposed transportation center. Anyone who has questions on this topic should submit them to Lewis ASAP.

501c3: The 501c3 paperwork is done and ready to submit along with a check for the $300.00 fee. A check for $25.00 was sent to the NC Secretary of State to include the provision that we are an educational organization. Adam Beyah may submit a bill for the advice he has given us. After Bob Cooper reviewed the application, he recommended that we address the “gaming clause”. CCP decided that we would suspend fundraisers that might be considered gaming. (for example, the raffles for gas cards). The following people were thanked for their help in getting the 501c3 done: Roderick Lewis, Stacey Milbern, Ann Ashford, Jim Stolz, Bob Cooper, Adam Beyah, Ayo Bryant, Nancy Shakir, Judy Williams, and Curtis Stobie.

CCP Logo:

CCP wants to use the same logo that is used on the TV show, but the template cannot be reproduced in its current form. Stacey Milbern will be asked to help re-create the template so the artist will be able to work on the logo.

New Business:

Fundraising: The possibility of having a fundraising appeal via video was discussed. Lewis described the successful appeal that Stacey Milbern recently made. About a thousand people responded with small gifts and she met her goal. To do something like this, we need to write a script of what we need and why. We also need to get the “bugs” out of our Pay Pal account. A committee will meet to work on this. In other discussion, it was noted that letter-writing appeals are not very successful and people prefer not to make appeals by telephone.

Community Outreach: Pam reported on sponsorship fees for 4th Friday, which were quite high. CCP had been interested in the possibility of having a presence at 4th Friday for Voter Education. Pam and Jacqui will look into the possibility of this. It was noted that 4th Friday is largely an arts festival , not usually open to outside vendors or organizations.

Membership Roster: A sign-up sheet was passed around for members to sign and indicate their preferred way to be contacted.

Adjournment : The meeting adjourned around 3:30 pm.

Next Meeting:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2:00 pm

Bordeaux Library.

Ann , CCP Secretary

Cumberland County Progressives – September 18, 2010

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, September 18, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Branch Library.


Linda DeVore spoke first, stressing the need for jail expansion. Our county has the state’s second highest crime rate, yet jail space is woefully inadequate. The result, she said, is that we have a “catch and release” system. She also emphasized the need for the county to have strategic planning and to set priorities. Public safety should be a number one priority. We need to attract new business to keep our tax base up. To incentivize, she prefers rebating incremental taxes rather than awarding money directly. She favors “front-ending” education to give all chirdren a head start in learning. After asking for questions, Ms. DeVore turned the platform over to Charles Evans.

Charles Evans emphasized his desire to serve the people, regardless of their political party. He agrees that public safety is a top priority, but he opposes raising property taxes. He is concerned about how the proposed jail expansion would be paid for. He mentioned the need to improve our 911 call system and he said that the problems of public transportation need to be addressed. He feels that the public should be involved in decision-making. He wants to see job opportunites made available for all income levels and believes in hiring locally whenever possible.

Both candidates hold a vision for a better county and both pledge to be involved, to work hard, and to form coalitions. In after comments, Ms. DeVore addressed problems with our county hospital. She believes the hospital has reneged on its original agreement and she is not in favor of County Commissioners giving up their seats on the hospital board. In answering a question about the proposed downtown parking deck, she said she does not believe there is a need for a multi-level parking deck in the proposed location.

The speakers forum concluded at 3:15 pm. After a brief interval, the meeting continued with a short business session.

Business Meeting:

Umoja Festival:

CCP’s presence at The Umoja Festival was deemed a success. Several CCP memberships were sold as well as gas card raffle tickets.

Meeting on 501c3 and Gaza Concert:

A committee meeting was held on 9-15 to discuss the Gaza Concert. It was decided to expand the event to two days to allow for showing the film “Slingshot Hip Hop”. The accountant advised CCP to record in-kind contributions as part of the 501c3 application. This will facilitate the proposal to Dr. Melissa Barlow to request grant assistance. The committee’s next meeting will be Sept. 22 at 11:00 at Village Coffee House. The accountant’s review of the application will take place the next day.

Raffle Winners:

Winners of the gas card raffle were announced: $100 card, Ms. Gibson; $50 card, Mike Ashford; $25 card, JP Electric.

Progressives Film Series:

CCP plans to show “Iron-jawed Angels”, a film about the women’s suffrage movement, at Sunset Coffee House. The tentative date is November 5.

Progressives TV and Web Radio:

Walter Rogers of the NC Black Leadership Caucus will be the next guest on CCP’s TV show. Taping of the show was postponed due to technical difficulties at Time Warner Cable. The web radio guest was unable to appear. Zarifa Roberson from “Individuals with Disabilities Express” will be rescheduled.

In other business, Chairman Lewis discussed the need for a membership recruitment strategy, suggesting college outreach and ads at the coffee house and on FOXY 99. It was suggested to have a SCYPE class. He also stressed the need for CCP education and organizational talking points on issues of community interest, perhaps centered around web and hard-copy templates. The need for a 5-year organizational plan was mentioned. These matters will receive attention at future meetings. CCP will continue its search for affordable copies of "Web of Debt."


There will be a Walk for Farm Animals in Durham on Oct. 16. The walk will start from Durham Central Park at 1:30 PM. Registration takes place at 12:45 pm. Contact Jim Stolz for more information. He has offered to drive.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at the Bordeaux Library on October 23 at 2:00 pm.

Ann Ashford,


Cumberland County Progressives Minutes – August 21, 2010

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, August 21, 2010, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library on Village Drive. Chairman Roderick  Lewis opened the meeting with a welcome and  introductions.

Speakers:  Scheduled speakers Linda Devore, GOP County Commissioners Candidate, and Doug Jackson, Democratic Party Field Organizer, did not attend the meeting. 

Charles Evans, at-large candidate for the County Commission, was in attendance at the meeting and asked permission to say a few words.  The former City Councilman reaffirmed his commitment to serving the people.  He briefly addressed the issues of the proposed jail  expansion  and  unemployment.    After Mr. Evans spoke, another member of the audience, Mr. Robert Jones, also  was given time to make a few remarks .  The audience was then reminded that this was a regular business meeting of the CCP and not a public forum .  Anyone else wishing to speak was  asked to withhold  comments not directly related to the day’s business until there is a scheduled time for them.

Old Business:

Gaza Awareness Concert: Lewis reported  that  Rebel Diaz, proposed  performer at the concert, needs to know the date so they can place us on their schedule.  Members agreed on November 2011 as a target date for the concert.  A proposal needs to be written to send to Dr. Melissa Barlow so that she can request a grant to help support the concert and the accompanying educational  forum  as well as to gain permission to host the event  at Fayetteville State University.   Discussion also centered on the need to get sponsors for the event and to advertise it widely.  Visitor Jeff Murray made several suggestions  of things to consider  in providing security for such  an event.   (Mr. Murray dropped in to the meeting while he was patronizing the library.) Ann raised the concern that putting on a concert of this scope might be too much of a challenge for a group as small as the CCP.  Lewis remarked that the concert could be effective, yet held to a reasonable size and price.

Progressives Film Series:   A small but enthusiastic audience viewed the film “Capitalism: A Love Story” at the Bordeaux Library on August 10 .

501c3: Lewis reported that the application process for a 501c3 is being finalized.  He said that he held a meeting with a second accountant  that was lengthy but productive.
Not all items on the agenda were covered because of time constraints. 

The meeting adjourned about 3:15 pm.

Next Meeting:  
The next meeting will be held Saturday, September 18, at 2:00 pm at the Bordeaux Library.  
Charles Evans, At-Large Candidate for County Commissioner , is scheduled to speak.


· The Umoja Festival will be held August 28 at Seabrook Park.  The Progressives will have a table there to give information, solicit memberships, and sell gas card raffle tickets.  The Film “Rescue Men” will be shown at 10:00 that morning in the park building.

· “Angels of the Vote”, a film presentation to celebrate passage of the 19th Amendment , will be held August 31 at the Cameo Theater.  Tickets are $20.00.  Contact Planned Parenthood.

· Thanks to the Progressives responsible for an excellent display table at the state Democratic Convention held here.

· The last TV show received excellent comments.  Thanks go to host Nancy Shakir.  The next show plans to feature Walter Rogers of the NC Black Leadership Caucus as guest.

· Progressives Sept. Web Radio show will have as guest Zarifa Roberson, CEO of “Individuals with Disabilities Express”, the nation’s first magazine for people with disabilities.

Ann Ashford, Secretary

Cumberland County Progressives Minutes – June 19, 2010

The Cumberland County Progressives met Saturday, June 19, 2010, at 2:00 pm at Sunset Coffee House on Murchison Road. Chair Roderick Lewis opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions.

Treasurer’s Report: Lewis distributed copies of the treasurer’s report, which shows an ending balance of $xxx.xx.

Old Business:

Progressives Film Series: The movie “Slingshot Hip Hop” was shown at Sunset Coffee House on Thursday, June 17, at 6:30 pm to nine CCP members and attenders. Appreciation was expressed to Chip Smith, who brought the DVD from Rocky Mount. In giving feedback, those who viewed the film thought it was excellent and that the topic was timely. There was discussion on how we might reach a larger audience with our film series. Lewis will have the next presentation announced on WIDU radio station. The next showing will be “Food, Inc.”, scheduled for Friday, July 9, at 6:30 pm at Sunset Coffee House. Tentative plans were made to show
“Capitalism: A Love Story” in August. Jim can bring the DVD.

Gaza Awareness Concert: The issue was raised that we need to state why it is important to have a consciousness-raising event on the Gaza situation. Discussion included these reasons: We are an educational organization; The Palestinians need a homeland; The Palestinians need an advocate to present their side of the issue. These ideas will be incorporated into a funds appeal letter that will reach a local, state, and national list of likely supporters. It was noted that we need to contact the Islamic community here and across the state. State Senator Larry Shaw was mentioned as a good contact person for that. Progressive churches in town would also be solicited. Lewis will draft a funds appeal letter. Nancy will contact “Kool ‘n the Gang”, whom she knows, to see if they will perform at the concert. The tentative date for the concert was set for early October 2011. Lewis will contact Dr. Melissa Barlow about getting a venue at FSU. (CCP realizes there will be some negative reaction to the concert. As an example: Some extremely negative comments came in on CCP’s YouTube account from someone who mistakenly believed that the Progressives had sponsored the recent “Free Gaza” rally at the markethouse.)

Progressives TV: There was feedback discussion of last month’s show, which featured guest Donna Mansfied. Comments were that the interview was especially good. The news was interesting, though we may have tried to get too much in. An opening glitch on the original taping was corrected for later viewing. Nancy did not have as much time to prepare because of campaigning for Congress. Next month’s guest may be either Rebecca Campbell, retiring Chair of the Sr. Citizens’ Advisory Committee, the new chair of the committee, or another representative from the organization to discuss the use of funds.

Up-Loading the TV Show: John Autry has informed CCP about a free Ripper program (Hand brake) that would allow us to put the TV show on desk top and then upload it. This process would prevent the program from crashing. Thanks go to John Autry for the tip and to Lewis for spending many hours perfecting the procedure.

501c3: Lewis took the grant application for a 501c3 to Adam Beyah for preliminary approval. Mr. Beyah gave us some helpful advice on making a few changes. After making these changes, we will re-submit it to him for a second review, hopefully by July 1. Once we become a tax-exempt non-profit organization, we should be able to get more contributions.

Progressives Summer Book Series: CCP plans to have a book study on Web of Debt by Ellen Brown on Saturday, August 21 at 1PM at Sunset Coffee House. (This will be am hour before the regular meeting time there.) There are 2 copies of the book in the library. Copies can also be purchased from Amazon.

CCP E-Newsletter: The newsletter is being emailed through MailChimp under the title “Progressive Espresso”. The open rate for the newsletter ranged from a high of 46.51% to a low of 28.57%. In feedback discussion of the dwindling number of readers, it was suggested that people may just be getting too much information on-line and/or the news articles may be a little bit old.

New Business:

Talking Points for Elaine Marshall Visit: Elaine Marshall, who is in a primary run-off to be the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate to oppose Senator Richard Burr(R), will appear at the Sunset Coffee House on Monday, June 21, at 1:30 pm. CCP members discussed pertinent questions to present to her at the meeting. Suggestions included asking her stand on: collective bargaining, the war in Afghanistan, and protecting pensions for senior citizens.

City Council Meeting June 21: An important call-meeting of the City Council will be held Monday, June 21, at 5:00 pm at City Hall. Items on the agenda include the proposal to raise bus fares and items on the Budget Ordinance Amendment 2010-7. These include the emergency telephone system fund, the transit fund, and stormwater management funds. The Progressive voice would be helpful at this meeting.

Future Capital Expenditures: CCP members were informed that the following expenditures are imminent: The payment for the domain name is due no later that August 1, payment to Adam Beyah, who is advising us on our 501c3 application, is coming up, and payment of $65.00 for the Umoja Festival is due by August 13.

Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Cumberland County Progressives will be held on Saturday, July 17, at 2:00 pm at Sunset Coffee House in Bronco Square on Murchison Road.

Ann Ashford, Secretary

Cumberland County Progressives Minutes – April 17, 2010

The Cumberland County Progressives (CCP) met Saturday, April 17, 2010, at 2:00 pm at Sunset Coffee House in Bronco Square on Murchison Road.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lewis passed out copies of the Treasurer’s Report, which shows an ending balance of $XXX.XX Expenditures since the last report include supplies for the Candidates Forum and display ads for the CCP.

Old Business:

Candidates’ Forum Feedback:

A discussion of the 8th Congressional District Candidates’ Forum was held to determine what was successful and what could be improved. Suggestions for improvement included having more microphones, using larger fonts for the print on the program, and giving extra attention to impartial management of questions. It was a disappointment that only two candidates, Nancy Shakir (D) and Darrell Day (R) participated. It was felt that some invited candidates may have declined because the event was sponsored by the” Progressives” and the” HOPE” Coalition, two terms that Republicans may have decided were not “friendly” to their views. However, the intent was to keep the forum entirely fair and impartial. On the plus side, Lewis did a good job of advertising the event at short notice. Attendance was good, with over 40 people in the audience. The forum questions covered important issues. It was agreed that all in all, a great job was done on a very low budget. CCP will send a card to the H.O.P.E. Coalition thanking them for co-sponsoring the forum. A note will also be sent to Mr. Day expressing appreciation for his participation. Names and address collected at the event will be added to the CCP data base and “chimp” account.

501c3 Report:

Lewis and Stacey (who is on the West Coast) are working over the internet to complete the 501c3 application so that we can submit it to Adam Beyah for his professional input and for submission. A final CCP review of the application will take place in the near future when Stacey returns to Fayetteville.

Progressives TV:

* Last month’s Show: No one at this meeting had viewed last month’s show. It will be aired again on Tuesday, April 20, at 7:30 pm on Channel 7. Host Nancy Shakir’s guest on the show was Dr. Inder Nijhawan, who spoke on the impact of BRAC.

* Next Month’s Show: Tentative plans for next month’s show include a discussion of problems in the Shaw Heights area. Lewis will contact Ted Mohn to see if can provide information of the issue.
Web Radio:
Ideas for future radio shows include having Dr. Eric Mansfield as a guest and having a discussion of the Shaw Heights issue. Pictures of Shaw Heights will be needed.
Gaza Awareness Concert:

CCP is exploring the idea of having a consciousness-raising concert as a follow-up to Brian Profitt’s recent presentation on Gaza. It was pointed out that music has been a form of social protest for centuries. A number of issues will need to be addressed in organizing the event, including: media attention, funding, transportation, lodging and food for performers, setting a time and date, and inviting performers. In discussion of these items, Lewis said that Dr. Melissa Barlow has offered to try to arrange a venue at FSU. Members set a tentative target date for the spring of 2011, pending space available at that time. Suggested groups to invite are Rebel Diaz and Dasan Ahanu. It was pointed out that local, state, and national media would need to be contacted well ahead of time. A great deal of work needs to be done to make this concert happen. Members are asked to give it thought and bring ideas to the next meeting.

New Business:

Letter Campaign on Behalf of Moses Mathis:

Our member presented a concern about Moses Mathis, known in the community as “The Bicycle Man”. Mathis and his staff repair donated bicycles for his Christmas giveaway program to needy children. Mathis was forced to vacate the warehouse he had been using on Blue Street in December 2006 because of some requirements laid down by the MLK Committee which oversees the building as part of the MLK Park. Since then he has been using a building on Black and Decker Road, but now that space is not available. The MLK Committee has been asked to allow Mathis to reoccupy the Blue Street building which is part of the MLK Park. Without help from the MLK Committee or the offer of some other location,Mathis cannot continue his charitable work. For more background on this issue see The Fayetteville Observer Opinion pages on 3-12-10 and 3-15-10. Curtis requested that CPP members write letters to the Editor on Mathis’ behalf. Ann said she would draft a letter from CCP. Curtis will write a personal letter.


“People with Disabilities” will meet Wednesday, April 21, at 6:00 pm at the Kiwanis Recreation Center, 352 Devers St.

FAMPO: A Bicycle and Pedestrian Connective Study meets Thursday, April 29, from 4:00-7:00 at Smith Recreation Center, 1520 Slater Ave.

Next CCP Meeting:

The Cumberland County Progressives next meeting will be held on Saturday, May 15 at 2:00 pm at the Sunset Coffee House on Murchison Road.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Submitted by Ann Ashford, CCP Secretary

    Cumberland County Progressives Minutes – February 20, 2010

The Cumberland County Progressives (CCP) met Saturday, February 20, 2010, at 2:00 pm at Firehouse #14 on Langdon Street. 

Members asked her questions regarding the HOPE Coalition and the proposed transportation hub.  She suggested that those who want to voice their concerns attend the public forum held on 2d and 4th Monday nights at City Hall.  One can call 433-1FAY or sign up at 6:30 pm to get on the agenda. 

New Business:

Shakir Candidacy:  Congratulations were given to Nancy Shakir who has announced that she is running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District.  She will run as a Democrat, opposing incumbent Larry Kissell.
Constant Contact:  Thanks to Stacey Milbern for setting up Constant Contact, a mass email program that can provide the organization with helpful information.  For example, it has shown that only 15.2% of CCP emails are being opened. 
Candidates Forum:  The question has been raised as to whether CCP should hold a candidates forum.  Nancy suggested  sponsoring a forum in partnership with other organizations such as NOW, Peace with Justice, and Democracy Fayetteville.  Members agreed we should pursue this proposal.

Old Business: 

Forum DVD:  Sales of the Anti-Racism Forum DVD have slowed down.  Copies are still available for a $10.00 donation.
Progressives TV Show:  Thanks were given to Lewis, Thomas, Stacey, and host Ann for this month’s show featuring guest Charles Evans. The regular show time was pre-empted by a City Council meeting, but there were subsequent showings on Channel 7.   The show can now be viewed on-line.  CCP has learned that we cannot use our TV show to air a Candidates Forum as per telephone conference with TWC.
Web Radio:  Guests on web radio  this month were Jim Stolz speaking on food wars and Brian Profitt reporting on his visit to Gaza.  The web radio show CAN be used to air a Candidates  Forum.
County Commissioners Report:  Jim Stolz, who reports on the meetings for CCP, said that the new commissioner is Mr. Gilfus.
Membership Dues:  Membership dues of $10.00 can be sent by mail or Pay Pal.


The next KFC rally will be held Sunday, March 6 in front of the KFC on Raeford Road.  Contact:  Jim Stolz.
The School of Our Lorde will meet March 3 at Sunset Coffee House on Murchison Road.  Contact:  Stacey Milbern.
HKonJ will hold its third annual rally in Raleigh on February 27.  Contact:  NAACP office.
The HOPE Coalition will meet Feb. 23 at 6:30 in the Headquarters Library.
Next Meeting:  The next meeting of Cumberland County Progressives will be held Saturday, March 20, 2010, at Sunset Coffee House, Bronco Square, Murchison Road, at 2:00 pm.

The Business meeting adjourned around 3:15 pm, followed by the guest speaker.

Guest Speaker:

Following the CCP Business Meeting, Brian Profitt , teacher and activist from Durham, gave a report on his recent visit to Gaza. Brian gave a very complete, informative, and interesting talk,  illustrated with pictures from his trip.  After summarizing the history of the Palestinian conflict and defining terms, Brian told of his experiences in Gaza and the West Bank.  Brian believes the solution to the conflict there is to make Palestine a singular, secular democratic state.  He explained why he thinks this is preferable to a two-state solution. 

Brian’s  first- hand witness to the conflict in Palestine and his understanding of the history of the region are important resources for anyone wanting to know more about this troubled region.  It is hoped that Brian can give another presentation here to a larger audience.

Cumberland County Progressives

Minutes – January 2, 2010

The Cumberland County Progressives (CCP) met Saturday, January 2, 2010, at 2:00 pm at K&W Cafeteria.

Old Business:

CCP Protest: The CCP protest against ( Group protests Kissell's vote on health care ... )Larry Kissell’s stand on health care and other issues was reported on in the “Washington Post”. CCP’s have thus received national recognition for their political action.

CCP’s rally against the escalation of the war in Afghanistan: 

The event was reported on in “The Fayetteville Observer” with an article and a picture. Afterwards, CCP wrote a letter to the editor clarifying who organized the rally. They had mistakenly reported that it was organized by Quaker House. Nancy Shakir wrote an op-ed piece opposing the troop escalation which appeared in the paper in December.

The movie”Avatar”
was attended by some members of CCP. They found the several levels of meaning in the movie and its special effects very interesting.

Sales of the Anti-Racism Forum DVD
are going well. A few copies remain for sale at $10.00 each. Lewis reported that our new Pay-Pal account is successfully receiving payments. People who have viewed the DVD are making positive comments about the forum.

Progressives’ TV:
Last month’s show was briefly reviewed. It will be uploaded on Jan. 6 so that it can be viewed on home computers. The January show will feature Charles Evans, former City Councilperson, as guest. The topic will be treatment of the evicted residents of the Prince Charles Hotel. Ann Ashford will fill in for Nancy Shakir as host.

Web Radio:
Last month’s show on the topic of the homeless featured Curtis Stobie as the guest. The show can be heard from a link on the CCP website. CCP will try to arrange for reports from the City Council and the County Commission to be aired on the show. In discussion, Jim Stolz reported that the County Commisioners meeting he attended recently opened with a Christian prayer. There will be follow-up on this.

New Business:

Fund-raising: There was a brief discussion as to whether CCP should have another gas card raffle to raise funds. It was decided to table the issue until we are clear on how much money was raised by the last raffle. Nancy Shakir made a motion that we request future treasurer’s reports to include itemized accounts of specific receipts, such as, raffles, DVD sales, membership dues, etc. Ann seconded and the motion carried. In discussion of the motion, Lewis said that a computer program to accomplish this could be quite expensive.

CCP Telephone Calling Tree:
The question was raised as to whether CCP should have a telephone calling tree to announce meeting dates and other events. After members agreed to this, Lewis circulated a list for attenders to give their names and phone numbers.


KFC Rally: A rally will be held Sunday,
January 3, at 1:00 in front of the KFC on Raeford Rd. The event is held monthly to protest KFC’s inhumane treatment of chickens. Jim Stolz is the contact person.

501c3 Meeting:
There will be a meeting to review our application for 501c3 status on Wednesday, January 6, at 10:00 am at Village Coffee House. Interested members are invited to attend.

Hope Coalition meeting:
There will be a meeting of the Hope Coalition on Jan. 16 from 9-12. Charles Evans will conduct training on how city ordinances are enacted. Contact Nancy Shakir for information on the place.

Next CCP Meeting:
The next meeting will be held Feb. 20 at 2:00. Lewis will try to arrange for the meeting to be held at one of the fire stations. Members will be notified.

Ann Ashford, CCP Secretary